Looking for opportunities during hard times

We are hearing it in the media regularly that business generally is doing it tough and it is true that many businesses are struggling. It is however not the time to be thinking doom and gloom, rather we need to look for the opportunities we have not yet discovered which could take our business to a new level.

There may be opportunity for new products or services that clients have been crying out for and not getting, or it could be that we are not making our clients aware that we have the skills to help them in other ways as well. It is all about increasing the opportunities for clients to do more transactions with our businesses more often.

How many of us actually learn from competitors and do things like ‘Would you like fries with that?” Do we ensure that our clients know all of the options we have available? Maybe the client just asked for the cheap product with low margin but what they really needed was something different if they were made aware of the options.

Do a survey of your clients every now and then to check how they view your business and the service you provide. The results may surprise you and give you ideas with which you can improve your business.

Trevor Phillips
Tax Manager

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