Case Studies


Launch date: 8th July 2021

Euro-Cloth’s old website was looking quite dated with a fixed-width template and a vast colour block background.

Chinova Resources

Launch date: 9th September 2021

The Chinova Resources website was looking a little tired and dated, so they engaged us to create a bold, visual design to move the company forward into the future.

Deadly Kindies

Launch date: 14th May 2021

The Deadly Kindies program is offered by the Institute for Urban and Indigenous Health, funded by the Queensland Government.


Launch date: 15th February 2021

We have been working with Ecoflo for many years and their flagship website needed an update from their old content management system. A migration to Joomla meant that internal staff would finally be able to make changes and updates to the website.

Iconic PCB

Launch date: 22nd January 2021

Iconic PCB had a very outdated website which they were unable to easily edit themselves when they contacted us via a referral from another Marketeam client. Their website was very plain with a lot of text and a significant lack of imagery. Mat and his brother (the owners of Iconic PCB) wanted a brand new website design that would put them on the same level playing field as their current competitors.

Australis Leisure

Launch date: 25th November 2020

Australis Leisure’s old website was hard to navigate and not overly user friendly, with a vertical menu structure sitting at the middle left of the screen.

Eureka Forklifts

Launch date: 1st October 2020

Eureka Forklifts contacted us with some specific goals in mind – their old Wordpress site had hundreds of plugins that kept falling over, so they were looking at having their website re-developed in Joomla and using Vehicle Manager to manage their forklift sales.

Coffee & Nut Trading

Launch date: 25th September 2020

Coffee & Nut Trading had a website that was nearly 10 years old and was showing its age. Linda (the owner) wanted a website refresh – she wanted to keep most of her content the same but wrap it in a brand new design along with being able to easily make updates and changes herself.

Old Qld Poetry

Launch date: 24th September 2020

Old Qld Poetry engaged us to redesign their current website, whilst also making it more user friendly for visitors viewing the site on mobile devices.

PME Auto Conversions

Launch date: 11th September 2020

The main issue PME had with their old site was that it was quite hard to work with and they couldn’t make changes as often as they wanted to due to the version of Joomla being outdated and difficult-to-use templating systems.

Wilmar Sugar

Launch date: 2nd June 2020

Wilmar Sugar is one of Australia’s largest sugar companies, so when they approached us to redevelop their website we were super keen to tackle a large-scale project. With such a large site there are many moving parts and lots of functionality, eg. a document management facility and a business directory just to name a couple.

Nail Care Qld

Launch date: 27th May 2020

Nail Care Qld offers a professional nail cutting service to aged and disabled people in their own home. They approached us wanting a clean, neat and professional design to help them promote their business to aged care homes and disability organisations.

Bayside Plumbing

Launch date: 25th May 2020

We love it when clients come back and ask us to do a second (or a third!) version of their website for them… it means they’re happy with our service and our quality of work.

High Energy Solutions

Launch date: 18th May 2020

Dylan from High Energy Solutions contacted us to provide him with a brand new website design for his business. Their old website looked dated and a little out-of-touch, so he was wanting something more modern and sleek to suit the industry they are in.

Designer Life

Launch date: 31st March 2020

Leisa and Wayne from Designer Life approached us wanting a refresh of their existing Joomla website. Based in Brisbane, Designer Life offers courses across all parts of Queensland so it’s important to have their finger on the pulse in terms of keeping up with the latest in the field of industry recognised training.

Terra Firma Fertilisers

Launch date: 12th March 2020

Terra Firma Fertilisers specialises in the manufacture of organic and organic-based fertilisers to suit the needs from the budding gardener to the commercial grower. They contacted us to redevelop their existing Joomla website, wanting a brand new look and feel that tied in with their existing corporate branding and style.

Ultimate Paintball

Launch date: 9th December 2019

Ultimate Paintball’s previous website was hard for them to edit and make changes, the speed was lagging and overall it looked out of date. Marketeam was hired to provide a brand new Joomla website development to help them attract more customers to their energetic paintball business and provide a streamlined approach to managing their online presence.


Launch date: 22nd November 2019

Marketeam built the original CRC ORE website 4 years ago, but being a large mining research company it was time for a refresh of their existing site.

Abolish Pest Management

Launch date: 25th September 2019

Abolish Pest Management has been a long-term SEO client of ours for many years, so when it came time for them to refresh the look and feel of their current website, we were their first choice.

Allstar Batteries

Launch date: 4th September 2019

Allstar Batteries’ website had previously been built in Joomla, so when it came time to update their site they contacted us to help them out. We provided them with a fresh, modern, clean design that would have more appeal to their potential customers and one that was mobile responsive.


Launch date: 7th August 2019

Prosell provides customised sales training programs to their clients, so as part of their online marketing strategy we were engaged to update their existing Joomla website and provide a fresh look and feel that would appeal to potential customers.

Essential Strength

Launch date: 5th August 2019

Candice and Jessica are sisters (twins!) who run their own personal training business. They contacted us as they wanted a professional looking website to highlight their services to potential clients. Using their colour palette of grey, white and aqua we created a website design that symbolises strength and power.

Lifeguard Maxi

Launch date: 11th July 2019

In 2018 Maxi founded ‘Live Learn Survive’ with business partner Leigh Mason with a vision to teaching life saving skills to children and young adults. Maxi travels regularly to conduct talks or carry out interactive fire & water safety workshops.


Launch date: 13th June 2019

Transfab’s previous website was extremely out of date – it had very small images, lots of text on the homepage and didn’t even have their logo! Marketeam came to the rescue with a Joomla redevelopment.

The Buckner Group

Launch date: 14th May 2019

The Buckner Group approached us to redevelop their current Joomla website. Featuring a full width video background on the homepage, the new design sits within their existing corporate branding whilst giving a fresh new appeal to their potential and current customers.

Career Shift

Launch date: 19th February 2019

Career Shift has been a long term client of Marketeam’s so when Rachael contacted us to re-design her current website we were more than happy to help out.

Chinova Resources

Launch date: 14th November 2018

Chinova’s old website looked dated and out-of-touch, and because the Joomla software hadn’t been updated in some time their website was constantly under attack causing issues with availability and integrity.

Care Fertility

Launch date: 18th October 2018

Care Fertility is an IVF clinic with locations in Brisbane and Toowoomba. Clare, the director wanted a clean, neat and professional looking website to display information to potential patients without seeming too clinical, as IVF can be a sensitive issue for some couples and families.


Launch date: 15th May 2018

IVF4Family needed a website to highlight their services for potential IVF clients in and around Brisbane.


Launch date: 7th December 2017

Formiga1 contacted us about re-developing their website as they were going through a re-branding process. They wanted to overhaul their current branding, colours and the overall look and feel of the company’s marketing materials, including a new website.

Asia Language Centre

Launch date: 25th October 2017

When Philip from ALC approached us he was wanting to update the look and feel of his current website. He was also looking for the ability to easily manage, update and change the content on the site as he found the difficulty of editing the current website prevented them from making regular updates.

John Crawford Marine

Launch date: 24th August 2017

When Matthew Hudson (Managing Director) of John Crawford Marine contacted us at Marketeam, he told us he’d had a previously “not so good” experience with another Brisbane web design agency. From our initial design meeting with Matt and the team right through to the finished product, Marketeam made sure to be upfront, communicate effectively and deliver on our promises – hence why JCM are ecstatic with the finished product.

Launch date: 23rd May 2017

Hunter Commercial Painters is a long-term client of Marketeam. We created a website for them three years ago and they contacted us recently after deciding to upgrade to the latest version of Joomla and give their website design a fresh new look.

Mulgowie Farming

Launch date: 20th March 2017

Mulgowie Farming approached Marketeam as they were running an old version of Joomla and wanted to upgrade their Joomla software and give their website a fresh new look and feel.

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