Joomla: Upload new images into RokGallery slideshow

Here are some basic instructions for loading new images into your homepage slideshow, which is run by the RokGallery component.

  1. In the back-end of Joomla (administrator area), go to ‘Components’ and then click on ‘RokGallery’.
  2. Click the ‘Upload’ button, either drag and drop images or browse your computer, then click Upload button.
  3. Select the images you’ve just uploaded click and drag, then click ‘Publish’.
  4. Whilst images are still selected, click ‘Tag’ – from the dropdown menu ‘Select a gallery’ choose ‘Homepage’, then click ‘Apply’.

Removing images from RokGallery:-

  1. Select the images you’d like to remove, then click ‘Unpublish’.
  2. Go to your web page and Refresh the page, you may need to ‘Empty Cache’ on your browser.