What’s covered under website support packs?

Support packages include things like adding new content to your website, updating images or contact details, updating the CMS software when required or providing phone support on how to use Joomla or Wordpress (whichever your site has been built in).

When you purchase a support pack you’ll have peace of mind knowing that Marketeam will be on hand to make changes or assist you with making changes to your website. You simply buy a block of hours up front and send us any changes you want made as you need them. (Visit our website support packages page for more info and pricing.)

So what’s covered under a website support pack?

Software updates

Every so often Joomla or Wordpress (the CMS behind your website) will update their software. In order to maintain your website at optimum levels of functionality and security it’s advisable to update your software as upgrades are released.

Software updates include:-

  • Taking a backup of your website
  • Ensuring your components and modules are compatible with software update
  • Updating the software

Please note: Minor software updates are easy to manage and will be included as part of a support pack – in the case of a major software upgrade it may be necessary to provide a quote on switching over to the latest CMS version.

Website changes and edits

If you have changes and modifications you’d like us to make on your website, simply provide us with a list of your requirements and we can complete these for you.

Website changes and edits under a support pack include:-

  • Updating content on existing pages
  • Adding new pages or menu items
  • Adding new modules (eg. specials, sign up to news, etc)
  • Updating images or adding new ones
  • Updating contact details (eg. address change, staff phone numbers, etc)
  • Incorporating social media feeds and icons
Phone support or additional training

If you want to make most of the changes yourself and purchase a support pack for us to lend a hand, we can do that too!

We can provide phone or email support if you’re having trouble making alts to your website. If you want to delve a little deeper and change modules, incorporate components or make template changes we can provide you with some more advanced training.

What isn’t covered under a support package?

Your support package will cover all areas of your original website quote.

Support packs DO NOT cover:-

  • Design changes or modifications
  • SEO (search engine optimisation)
  • Major software upgrades
  • IT or PC support
  • Email issues
  • Website hosting issues

If you’d like to re-do your Web design or require SEO, please contact us and we’ll be more than happy to provide you with a quote. Any email or hosting issues should be directed to your service provider.

Why should I purchase a support pack?

Once we’ve built your website, set it live and provided you with access to the back-end it’s up to you or your staff to maintain and update your website. As small business owners we understand the desire to be in control and make changes yourself, but sometimes due to time restraints or other commitments you may not have the required resources to ensure your website is running at its best.

This is where we come in – by purchasing a support pack you know we’ll be on hand to make any changes you require.

Any time we spend making changes or providing support for your website is tracked at our end – when you’re getting close to using up your purchased hours we’ll let you know and you have the option to purchase another pack if you choose.