Is it easy to update my own website?

Yes! We build websites in Joomla and Wordpress – they are both very simple, easy-to-use content management systems. If you can use Microsoft Word and know your way around a web browser, you’ll find it easy to update and make changes to your website.

Full training provided

We look at website builds a little bit like this – we build the car and then teach you how to drive it.

If you choose Marketeam to build your website we’ll provide you with a training session on how to use your Content Management System. Whether it’s Wordpress or Joomla they are both very user friendly and you don’t need to know code or programming to make basic changes to your website.

Here are some of the things you’ll learn how to do in a training session:-

  • Add new pages to your website
  • Add new menu items
  • Change contact details
  • Add links to other pages
  • Add or replace images
  • Create links to PDFs or other documents
  • Update title and description tags for SEO purposes
  • Add users to your website so they can also make changes

Peter conducts all of Marketeam’s training sessions – he has years of experience running seminars, training sessions and workshops so he’s able to relay instructions in an easy-to-understand format that will make it easy for you to update your website.

All training can be done virtually so all you need is to make a coffee and sit in front of your computer! We’ll even show you how to take a backup for safe-keeping, and also how to update your software when required.

Support packages available – we’re here to help

Most of our clients like to make changes and update their own website, but if you have neither the time or the inclination we can make edits for you. We have a range of Support Packages available where you can buy a block of time upfront (for a reduced rate) and you simply send us the changes you require and we’ll do them for you.

Either way, when Marketeam builds you a website it will be easy for you to update.