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SEO-optimised web copy that will help generate leads for your business.



More visitors to your site equals more phone calls, more enquiries and more sales for your business.


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We approach SEO differently to most agencies in Brisbane – we focus on building up businesses, not just rankings.

Website copywriting to improve your SEO

Do you need content written for your website? We can help. We understand that writing copy for the web takes valuable time (time that you could be spending on your business), which is why many business owners choose Marketeam to develop original content for their website.

We take the time to get to know your business.

Before we put pen to paper (so to speak), we’ll have an in-depth discussion about how your business works, the types of customers you’re trying to attract and the aim and purpose of your website. This helps us create unique and targeted website copy that helps generate more leads.

We structure website copy around an SEO strategy.

Structure is important in a website, so one of the first steps we take when looking at writing copy for a website is to develop a content strategy. This assists in creating a logical path for search engines to follow when crawling your website, which will help provide an increase in rankings.

We incorporate calls to action.

Our SEO copywriting focuses on rankings and conversions. In today’s fast-paced world, people are time-poor and busy – we make it super simple for users to take the action you want them to, whether it’s ‘fill in this form’ or ‘click to call’, these calls to action will be peppered throughout your website copy generating more enquiries.

We incorporate various types of keywords into your copy.

When creating website copy for a client, we research multiple types of keywords including semantic, long-tail and keyword variations. We include these as part of our copywriting service. Incorporating multiple types of keywords helps attract customers from multiple sources. 

Website copywriting that’s unique for your business

When potential customers land on your website, it needs to connect with them instantly through your branding, imagery and of course your website copy.

It’s important for them to gain a quick understanding of what your business is about, what you offer and how they can buy/call/enquire about your product or service.

We provide a top quality SEO-focused copywriting service that will not only help you rank higher in search engines but help convert visitors into customers.

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