Start selling online with an easy-to-use ecommerce website for your business.



You won’t be paying ongoing fees just to access your website or software. When your website is finished you own everything.


Our average turnaround time for building a website is 4-5 weeks – quicker if we get all the details up front.


We have a range of support packages available which means support whenever you need it.

Steps to creating an ecommerce website

We’ve built hundreds of websites for Brisbane clients, many of which have been ecommerce websites. Over the years we’ve guided our clients through this process with the following steps:-

Know what you're selling – work out your target market

The very first step in creating an online store is to figure out what product you’re going to sell online. It could be a range of products that you already sell in a physical store, or a service offering or even digital downloads.

Spend time researching who your target market is and what they are wanting. Be the solution to their problem – consider their needs, desires, issues, etc.

Preliminary setup – the finer details

First of all, you'll need a domain name. You’ll also need website hosting – we can set this up for you as part of our ecommerce website setup or you can organise your own hosting – the choice is up to you. 

To accept payments online you’ll need a merchant account for processing. The most popular provider in Australia is PayPal, but shop around and work out what integrates best with your current business systems.

Website design + shopping cart setup

We start creating the design of your site in a live development environment. This means when we send you a concept you will be able to click on the menu items, see the homepage and articles and see your new site through your customer's eyes. No jpg files or pdfs... a real website!

We have an ecommerce solution that will suit your needs. Ecwid and J2 Store are our preferred store providers as we find they’re the easiest and cheapest option for our customers.

Set the website live and start selling!

We’ll provide you with a full training session on how to manage your online store and make changes to your website. We also offer peace of mind by having a range of support packages available should you not have the time or inclination to update your own website.

Security for an ecommerce website

Having an SSL certificate installed on your server is crucial to prevent third-party websites from taking personal information including credit card details from your customers (SSL comes standard if you choose to host with Marketeam).

We also install Google Analytics on all of our website builds – this allows us (and you) to regularly monitor how many visitors are coming to your website. This is a free program to use and provides invaluable info such as what pages are being viewed, how much time customers are spending on your site and will also track marketing and search engine optimisation (SEO) efforts.

If you're interested in an ecommerce website for your business, give us a call on (07) 3882 3375 or request a free quote.

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